Innovation Maps

The mapping of the digital innovation ecosystem in Libya aims to identify various actors in digital innovation and the services they provide... Read more

Would you like to contribute to innovation maps?

This mapping tool serve as a true observatory for digital innovations in Libya.
The presented digital innovations are not exhaustive, we welcome public and private entities wishing to be featured on this map to fill the digital innovations form.

After your contribution

Each request to appear on the mapping is examined by the digital lab team, which will verify the compliance of the digital solution with the aforementioned criteria.
Then, it will work with the team concerned in order to collect all the information necessary for the evaluation of the digital solution and enter into a dynamic of support and improvement. Response provided within 5 days.

Digital innovations form

  • The services should be online.
  • The project has impact on public.

Our Vision

Impactful digital innovation lab that drives continuous innovation and positions the state of libya at the forefront of digital transformation

The key element

Exploration and Experimentation: The lab serves as a playground for exploring new ideas, technologies, and trends

Cross-disciplinary Collaboration

The lab brings together diverse talent from various disciplines such as technology, design, business, and data science

User-Centric Approach

The lab places a strong emphasis on understanding and empathizing with end-users

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